Templates for cutting and marking pipes.

This site may be useful for welders, mechanics and other interested people. We provide an opportunity to build and print templates for free. For example, a template for cutting pipes at an angle.

If you need to make a pipe with a bend, not having a pipe-bolt, then it can be welded from segments made using our templates.

For comments and suggestions, write dmres.service@gmail.com, but if the site seemed to you at least a little useful, share with friends the link.

Construction of a template for cutting pipes at an angle

Specify the desired angle and diameter of interest to you and get a scan for cutting pipes

Pipe template calc
Create images in any resolution.

Here you can create and download unique images for free. The program generates images in resolution (HD, Full HD, 2k and ets)

Create images
Sample JSON Files Download

Explore the significance of JSON file formats in software development and testing. Learn how sample JSON files aid developers and testers in evaluating software functionality and how to ensure their validity